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I got busted yesterday. Not with a speeding ticket. Not for telling a lie. Not for running late.

I got busted by my teenager for... well, here it is:

He's right, I am always telling him to add more nutritional foods to his diet. And he's also right, in that I gave him a bag full of goodies and chocolate candy for Valentine's.

I've laughed each time I look at this image that I'm guessing he snapchatted someone(s). It's such a perfect microcosmic picture of how I often operate in my personal life.

Without completely overanalyzing, let me just say that my actions don't always facilitate reaching my desires.

I want to learn and grow intellectually; but the stack of books by my bed stays untouched. I want to lose weight; but I don't find the discipline to do the things I know to do to make it happen. I want to stay connected to friends; but I don't call or write or text often enough to let them know they are on my heart.

The bottom line is that there is so much of life that happens to us that we have no control over. But there are some things that we can control. If you're like me, I often try to control the things I can't while ignoring those things that I can do to make life better.

Kind of like lecturing someone about food, then providing them with a whole lotta sugar!


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